Living History

Living History at the Games features numerous guilds and societies who provide wonderful interactive theatre and an exhibition for all the family to enjoy.
    The Scottish People, as we are known modernly, have been ten thousand years in our evolution as a distinct, ethnic group. Hollywood and Television's representations have projected an image of us that corresponded to all the "strange" hype of former historians, literary critics, and politicians. From the time of the Roman historian, Livy, to critics as Gordon, Lord Byron, of Robert Burns' poetry, as well as English Monarchies, such as the Plantagenent Edwards to the current House of Windsor, and their Prime Ministers, the English have made an effort to purge Scots' culture and language from what is commonly, and modernly, known as The British Isles. As a consequence, few non-Scottish-Americans have any accurate information of who we are, where we are from, and what we do. For these and other reasons, this site attempts to bring the more colourful and heroic characters and information of Scottish Living History to our growing audience of Scottish-American kinsmen of these traditional Scottish Games.

Living History Village

California Revels' Solstice Ensemble Website
Clann Fraser
Clan Galbraith Website
Dark Boar Vikings Website
Devenriche European Martial Arts School Website
Highlanders In The Mist
Mead & Meadow Crafter's Guild Website
Paint Your Dragon
Royal Scots Website
Scottish Halbediers Website
St. Andrew's Noble Order of Royal Scots Website
Thistle House Actors Guild Website
WW2 Living History Association of Northern California

Participant Information

Our list varies from year to year. For details regarding fees, waiting list, if your organization would like to apply for future Games and other information, email the Chairman of Living History Paul Hardstone