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There are five grades of bagpipe bands. The top pipe bands in the world are in Grade 1. Grade 2 is the next category. Grades 3, 4 and 5 follow.
    To the untrained ear, Grade 5 pipe bands are very good and entertaining. To musicians with training in the pipes, however, nothing compares to a good Grade 1 pipe band.
    Bands move up and down in grade depending on how they fare in competition. For example, the Bay Area's own Prince Charles Pipe Band won the Grade 2 World Championship in Glasgow, Scotland in the year 2000. Their winning resulted in their being promoted to Grade 1, and at that time, were one of only three Grade 1 bands in the United States. The other Grade 1 bands were the L.A. Scots Pipe Band and the City of Washington Pipe Band. In 2011, City of Chicago attained this rank, while Prince Charles settled back into Grade 2.

The Caledonian Club of San Francisco, which produces these Scottish Games, also sponsors the Prince Charles (Caledonian Club of San Francisco) Pipe Band, which competes as a Grade 4 band. The players in this band range in age from 13 to adult. This is the next generation of pipers and drummers, and ensures a continual flow of Scottish musicians for future performances and competitions. On August 16, 2003, this band won the Grade 3 World Championship in Glasgow.
    As well, the Prince Charles organization has a junior band made up of even younger members and this is the beginning band for the organization, competing in Grade 5.

Our Scottish Gathering and Games will hold pipe band competitions on Saturday and Sunday. Pipe bands will compete with other bands in their grade. A Grade 3 pipe band, for example, will compete with other Grade 3 bands, not with Grade 4 or 5 bands.
    More than 30 pipe bands will play together at the end of each day in the Massed Bands show in front of the Grandstand. More than 750 pipers and drummers will march in formation and play inspirational Scottish music, including "Scotland the Brave, "Amazing Grace", and "Salute to the Chief" ("Highland Laddie�). A must see event!!!

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Past Chief John Biggar
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Erin Gunn
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Prince Charles Junior Pipe Band

McAlester College Pipe Band

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Drum Major Drum Major
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