The Kilted Mile at the 154th Scottish Highland Gathering and Games in Pleasanton on Labor Day Weekend, (August 31- September 1,2019) is the oldest kilted race in California, and takes place on the oldest one-mile horse racing track in California. See video playlist below for Kilted Mile race highlights from recent years

* Run the 1-mile Alameda track in yer Kilt!
* Registration on the day starts at 8:30AM in the Grandstand area
* Race starts at 10:00AM each day
* No entry fee required ~ But runners must wear a kilt

Chance to win 4 cash prizes on Saturday & Sunday morning

1. $100 for the first OVERALL FINISHER (male or female)
2. $50 for the first FEMALE FINISHER
3. $50 for the first under 16 year BOY FINISHER
4. $50 for the first under 16 year GIRL FINISHER