Reservations for Camping are now open
for persons who had spaces at the 2017 Games


Please read through the Policies document before filling out the form as changes have been made.

It is essential that you fill out the Reservation Form completely. If you don't, your reservation could be delayed while we contact you for the needed information.

Persons who did not have spaces in 2017 can submit their requests beginning June 15th.

If you have questions, please send an e-mail by pressing the button below.

We are rapidly approaching the day we can begin taking reservations.

We are very appreciative of your patience while we have been working out all the necessary details for the new areas.

As in previous years, those persons who occupied spaces at the 2017 Games will be allowed to make reservations first. The period for this will be from the time we begin accepting reservations until June 15th. This year we will be altering procedures to expedite the process by assigning the spaces due to the new layout. This will be a one-time-only process.

To lessen the disruption to groups that have developed during the years, we will accept requests for groups through July 15th. The information we will need to process assignment of spaces will be included on the new reservation forms. While we will do the best we can to arrange spaces, we cannot guarantee one hundred percent success.

We have done our best to set up the new camping area to generally service campers needs and avoid as many problems as possible. Please be patient if you do encounter a problem and let us know so we can expeditiously resolve it.

We will be observing and evaluating how well the layout functions and if we find changes of any type are needed they will be made for the 2019 Games. In this regard, we reserve the right to make changes to resolve problems. Note that it may be necessary to move people to resolve problem.